Covers of potatoes for ordinary skin

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Potato mask. Potatoes mealy (1-2 spoon) assorted with 2 tablespoons of 5% hydrogen peroxide. Gravity immediately after mixing use on face. When it dries (20-25 min), rinse with soft water, acidified with lemon juice (1 tsp. Per cup of water).

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Home Cosmetics hands - good!

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Homemade facials creams, masks and lotions, homemade face care scrub can be packaged in small bottles or jars with screw caps. You can apply a blank, freshly washed bottles or jars of medication, but always with labels. A labels must not forget to indicate a date of manufacture.

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Covers of watermelon for dry skin

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Cover formula № 1

Cover recipe number 2

Skin mask of watermelon you request ingredients that you can easily find in the kitchen.

- 1 chicken egg;

- Tsp. Watermelon juice;

- Corn oil;

- Sour cream.

So, to start triturated one boiled egg with one teaspoon of juice with watermelon. In the mixing, add to one teaspoonful of corn butter and a any teaspoonful of sour serum. Apply a cover to the face of watermelon on skin for 15-20 min. Then rinse facial skin mask with watermelon warm aqua and use a nourishing cream.

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Young facial skin and its treatment

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Everyone knows that the most-any skin prone to acne and inflammation, and therefore want particular maintenance and treatment. Because of the big level of education of sebum on a face appear inflammation, mingling with the dust clogged pores, which leads to problems of skin.

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Pea masks for all facial skin types

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Whitening Mask pea. 2 spoon green peas assorted with 2 tbsp. Of whey. Knead to obtain a homogeneous weight, use on face. Of the 20-25 min, rinse with cold-blooded h2o.

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Also very healthy is bean cover that nourishes the face with all a indispensable trace elements and other beneficial substances. This formula may be applied at any time of year.

Ripe avocado Cover

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Masks from orange for dry skin

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Orange cover. 1 spoon of oat floury, wheat flour or almond bran mixed with a extract of one orange. Porridge put on the skin, covering it with gauze. Later 15-20 minutes, remove a mask, ablution a skin with cool aqua.

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