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Peach toning cover for aging face.

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To 1 soup spoon of oat mealy (or cut in a coffee grinder oatmeal), add juice of a peach, and raw natural milk to produce a slurry, stir well. Gruel apply on facial skin and neck for 20-30 minutes, then Thoroughly wash with coldness aqua. The mask is 2-3 minutes a 7 days.

Peach-curd mask thin, sensitive face. 1 teaspoon of curd bruise with a like amount of natural honey and throw in 2 tsp of juice peach face densely covered with a mixing, and later Fifteen minutes, sluice with coldness h2o.

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Covers for normal facial skin.

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Masks for normal skin often carry multiple properties, nutrition, cleansing and protection with adverse impacts. Components for masks used to a normal type of skin: fruits, milk, cheese, vegetables, and other foods. If you need to prevent the person of skin wrinkles, then you will be added to a appropriate face mask fresh egg and the butter.

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How to remove darkness circles under a eyes at home

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Great to meet a man whose shining skin eyes. How, all in his life properly. Very variant experience creates man with under-eye darkness circles lay. He looks very tired and painful, and even older. And if you do not come across however you and it you have colored circles under a skin eyes. What to do? How to remove darkness circles under your skin eyes?

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Masks quince for normal face

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Quince and honey mask. 1 soup spoon natural butter thoroughly assorted with the yolk of 1 eggs, 1 teaspoonful natural honey and 1 tablespoon of grated quince pulp until polish. Use on a face for 20-30 minutes, remove any excess with a tissue.

Purifying Mask Quince. Quinces grate and combine with fluid and fresh egg (all in equal amounts). Cover put on face for 15-20 min, then remove with soft moist cotton swab and rinse face with aqua.

Refreshing mask of aloe and natural honey. Blend equal amounts (1 teaspoonful), aloe juice, white natural honey, glycerin, water, slowly stirring, add to 1 teaspoonful of rice (roll oats or crushed), all carefully stir until polish. Read more -->

I do not believe in their knowledge - purchase raw substances in the pharmacy

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Plants for use in cosmetics should be familiar with not only the plants, but also substances contained in them, a effects on a skin, however well as methods for their making. The effectual ingredients are a blend of plant metabolites of living plant organism. They are organic compounds that are concentrated alone in certain parts of plants, like the roots, leaves, leaves, flowers, etc. So, plants or the parts should be collected in a certain time. The quality of the capacity is dependent largely on the age of a plant, soil and climatic conditions in which this plant grows.

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