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Skin masks cabbage


Skin covers, I would like to tell opoleznyh affinity of fresh cabbage.

Masks are extremely efficacious in the presence of dark spots, pimples and blackheads.

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Covers for normal facial skin.


Masks for normal skin often carry multiple properties, nutrition, cleansing and protection with adverse impacts. Components for masks used to a normal type of skin: fruits, milk, cheese, vegetables, and other foods. If you need to prevent the person of skin wrinkles, then you will be added to a appropriate face mask fresh egg and the butter.

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How to remove darkness circles under a eyes at home


Great to meet a man whose shining skin eyes. How, all in his life properly. Very variant experience creates man with under-eye darkness circles lay. He looks very tired and painful, and even older. And if you do not come across however you and it you have colored circles under a skin eyes. What to do? How to remove darkness circles under your skin eyes?

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