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Masks of kiwi for the skin


Strawberry mask. Take 250 g raspberries, pound, strain through a cloth, add to a pinch of baking soda, yshshsh drops of alcohol and a quarter cup of natural milk to the BPF Use for 10-15 minutes.

Strawberry mask. Pounded into mush kiwi (100 grams) mixed with 1 soup spoon of starch paste. Apply to face, after brushing fat cream. Hold Fifteen minutes, rinse with cool h2o. Masks recommended ienduetsya do 2-3 times a 7 days.

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Masks of peach for all skin types


Peach cover. Pulp of one ripe peach mixed with 1 soup spoon of broth chamomile. Apply on facial skin for 20 min, then rinse with heartwarming water.

Peach softening cover. 1/2 cup of natural milk diluted with the same amount of peach extract. Soaked in this mixture layer of cotton or gauze attached to a face for 15 - 20 minutes, covered with a wet jack-towel. Of the removing a cover to wipe his facial skin with a cotton swab and rub fluid.

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Covers of currants for dry face


- Natural honey;

- Sour serum.

Face mask of currant used for Fifteen minutes then removed wet swab. Later a facial skin mask of currant fluid is used.

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