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Troll your eyes clockwise, so counterclockwise. Repeat 5 minutes on each side.

Within 30 seconds of fast blink. Relax. Repeat a any minutes.

Close a skin eyes for 10 seconds. Open and pick up a be at some point in a distance. Repeat some minutes.

As you can see, with a rightly approach can successfully resist a externality of bags under the skin eyes.

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Masks from orange for dry skin


Orange cover. 1 spoon of oat floury, wheat flour or almond bran mixed with a extract of one orange. Porridge put on the skin, covering it with gauze. Later 15-20 minutes, remove a mask, ablution a skin with cool aqua.

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Covers of cranberry for a facial skin


Cranberry cover. 2 teaspoons chicken egg yolk mixed with 1 tsp. Of cranberry juice and 1-2 teaspoonful of sour serum. Apply for 15-20 min on clean facial skin. Of the removing the cover is recommended to make a compress of green tea. In a 7 days you can do 2-3 masks.

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How to remove colored circles under the skin eyes at home


Great to meet a man whose shining skin eyes. However, all in his your properly. Extremely variant experience creates man with under-eye colored circles lay. He looks extremely tired and painful, and even older. And if you do not come across how you and it you keep colored circles under the skin eyes. What to do? So to remove darkness circles under your eyes?

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Masks of currants for any facial skin


Krasnosmorodinovaya whitening mask. Mash a handful of unripe red currants and blend with 1 tsp. Of honey. Use cover on face for 20-Thirty minutes. Ablution off with lemon fresh juice diluted in h2o.

Currant-yeast mask. Stir 15-20 g of baker's yeast with 1-1.5 teaspoon red currant fresh juice and put it on for 2-3 minutes in hot h2o.

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Young skin


Above we keep listed the chief disadvantages of this type of facial skin, but do not forget about the potential pros! Any facial skin facial skin very right kept person of a skin, to be more precise, the skin will be longer than others to store the required it elasticity. With this skin for a longer time will be free of skin wrinkles, this is to any degree holders should rejoice this face type.

Oily facial skin is more than other types of facials and masks skin needs thorough cleansing, used for treatment of skin masks should be constricting and cleansing nature and, accordingly, comprise of a necessary components.

Unluckily, most of a women were of the view that combination face does not require moisture, but this is extremely misleading. Certainly, young facial skin does not demand so much moisture as very dry and combination face should also have their normal nourishing and moisturizing her skin veschestv.tipy

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