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Ordinary face type faces


A ordinary skin does not have drawbacks, it is quite elastic, has a healthy color shades of beige and pink colors, smooth surface of a skin and a absence of enlarged pores emphasize a heartiness of the face type. You can ofttimes hear the opinion that a facial skin does not demand to service, but this is misleading however the fact that the normal facial skin can not turn into a very dry or female. If you do not pay proper attention to your face, a skin may speedily turn from normal to "abnormal."

The chief task is to ensure normal feeding the healthy face and protect it with external environmental factors.

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Masks quince for normal face


Quince and honey mask. 1 soup spoon natural butter thoroughly assorted with the yolk of 1 eggs, 1 teaspoonful natural honey and 1 tablespoon of grated quince pulp until polish. Use on a face for 20-30 minutes, remove any excess with a tissue.

Purifying Mask Quince. Quinces grate and combine with fluid and fresh egg (all in equal amounts). Cover put on face for 15-20 min, then remove with soft moist cotton swab and rinse face with aqua.

Refreshing mask of aloe and natural honey. Blend equal amounts (1 teaspoonful), aloe juice, white natural honey, glycerin, water, slowly stirring, add to 1 teaspoonful of rice (roll oats or crushed), all carefully stir until polish.

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