Folk Remedies


Excellent help ice cubes. It is possible to not just freeze a aqua and extracts of birch leaves, marigold, sage.

Packs of tea. Procedure time 10 min. Cotton swabs hold a duo of minutes, and then change them with new ones.

Jacket potatoes. Boil. Wait until slightly cooled.

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Masks of orange


Imagine that, a orange mask is also valuable so tasty. And it is almost however. Orange affinity are much helf, both for the watermelon that filled all a shelves in a stores: vitamins same A, C, B1, B2, P, and they are nice impact on a face, its good and extremely useful for porous and dry skin.

Masks with a medium banana

Not once we mentioned ripe banana however one of a most versatile cosmetics. Later all, this is actually a case. Huge map recipes covers pushing the idea that a big banana is one of a most useful fruit used in cosmetology. You will find recipes for a face in big quantities and in the rate with the variant ingredients.

Covers of quince

This apples is remarkable in that it has a some cosmetic properties: strengthening, antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent.

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Rules applying masks


There are approximately chief rules which need adhere to in order to get the most beneficial capacity on a course of treatment facials covers prepared at home. We suggest you familiarize yourself with simple pravilasi under which you speedily achieve the long-awaited effect. When applying facial skin covers want be guided by some basic rules.

1. Close the hair with a scarf to avoid being wet or dirty.

2. Earlier applying the cover, facials and masks skin and neck need be nicely cleaned of dust, dirt and accumulated on a surface discharge and scales with cleansing cream or natural milk dressing. A mask is more active if a pores of the facial skin previously cleaned with a steam bath or compress.


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Applications home masks and skin care scrub


As you know, there are procedures that are good applied in the afternoon, and some - in the evening, earlier bedtime. Exfoliation is the process that is best used earlier bedtime. Use a product to peel on a face and in a few min massaging a skin with your fingers under a massotherapy lines. Be careful around the skin eyes polish masks for skin scrub may not! Upon completion of a recommended wash off with heartwarming h2o and a means to apply a nourishing cream.

Watch a behavior of skin later peeling process, if a skin quickly calmed down and there is no redness, likely made in home scrub for a facial skin of the face. But if you notice that a redness does not go in for long periods of time, feel that a skin is irritated, then in that case you perfect replace agent.

To use a scrub for a feet and hand are slightly variant rules. Consummate to do peeling after bath when a skin to steam.

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Rules applying masks


But a holy put is never empty, and a cosmetic industry, advertising a "cutting-edge" in the regeneration of the skin, has a leading position in the minds of consumers, not one millennium seeking a miracle cure, which would do it possible to maintain long aging aging body sweet and healthy look outside covers. Alas, we live in a blind faith in a decency of cosmetics manufacturers, in that they show worry for our soundness and that launches a cosmetic item is properly tested by harmless to the female aging body. And while this is how, we are doomed to be a experimental animals, which experiences a chemical constituents of cosmetics.

It is sad, but no one other than the producer of cosmetic products, does not know a intricacies of a process of manufacture of the item (trade secret) and its constituent ingredients. This is a private information on which cosmetic enterprises are building their wealth. The consumer is left to rely alone on the fact that a drugs they used was not a nasty chemicals that can be harmful to hygiene.

Do not look for competence and conscience manufacturers of cosmetics, with good common sense to estimate the true purpose of makeup and its put in our lives.

Sensitization - Sensitization of organisms, the cells and tissues to the effects of a substance, which underlies a number of allergic diseases.

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Covers of cranberry for dry face


Cranberry cover. Cranberry cut, squeeze fresh juice. Moisten it and gently squeeze a thin layer of cotton wool, cloth done of some layers of cheesecloth or wiping cloth and apply on the face however a mask for 15-20 min. Previously person should washing or polish face lotion. After removing a cover to wipe the facial skin first wet so very dry swab. Frequency of procedures - 2-3 minutes a 7 days.

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Covers of beans


The future formula bean mask that will help transform a facial skin, moisturize and cleanse a pores and give a healthy look, not alone externally but also internally. Bean mask has heals and rejuvenating capacity on the skin. I propose you a simple formula for cosmetic products due to which your skin will always be on our toes.

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