I do not believe in their knowledge - purchase raw substances in the pharmacy


Plants for use in cosmetics should be familiar with not only the plants, but also substances contained in them, a effects on a skin, however well as methods for their making. The effectual ingredients are a blend of plant metabolites of living plant organism. They are organic compounds that are concentrated alone in certain parts of plants, like the roots, leaves, leaves, flowers, etc. So, plants or the parts should be collected in a certain time. The quality of the capacity is dependent largely on the age of a plant, soil and climatic conditions in which this plant grows.

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Potatoes mask for a skin eyes.


Egg rub lotion (calendula tincture) with young skin, and when very dry - natural milk, 1/2-diluted with water or vegetable, best olive, oil. Cooked in their skins polish murphy, mash with a spoon, combine with 1 tsp. Of sour cream or olive oil. Pulp in the shape of heating put on a lower eyelids and around a outer corners of the eyes where lovely network of wrinkles, and around a mouth and on the eyelids - cotton swab moistened with cooled brew watter or a cool chamomile extract. Removing a pads with an eye cover potatoes rinse with cool aqua, lower eyelids face cleanser.

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Plants in cosmetics - infusions


Chopped raw material is good to weigh the pharmacy scales. At home, It is possible to stop subsidizing or tsp..

One soup spoon is an average of 3 g of very dry powdered leaves, flowers or herbs, bark, roots and roots - size 7 g of seeds, buds of apples - some '12

To obtain the present plant substance placed in an enamel, porcelain or glass bowl, pour stewing aqua at placement temperature (around 20 * C), tight-fitting lid and heat in a boiling water bath. You can not cook raw substances on the open fire. Undesirable also fill it with hot h2o, however this is a rapid coagulation of proteins in plant cells, preventing the transfer of active substances in the solution, a concentration of which in this case will be lower. Gradually heating is important. Given the raw material absorption and evaporation of h2o to hire 15-20% more than indicated in the formula.

All h2o extraction are the most common cosmetic bod, but certainly not the only one.

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Pea covers for all facial skin types


Whitening Cover pea. 2 soup spoon green peas assorted with 2 spoon of whey. Knead to obtain a homogeneous gravity, apply on facial skin. Following 20-25 minutes, rinse with coldness h2o.

Recipes in this section:

Covers of beans

Also more good is bean mask that nourishes the skin with all the required trace elements and other beneficial substances. This recipe may be applied at the time of year.

Ripe avocado Mask

As properly so peas, more helpful for a person to be an ripe avocado, this veggie contains much of protein so often claim our skin, so use this cover will be extremely useful. Ripe avocado has get quite affordable fresh vegetables at a relatively inexpensive cost.

Masks zucchini

The chief plus of this formula is that all neobhoimosti igredienty a 90% chance you have to be in a cook room.

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Masks melon for oily skin


Facials and masks Melon:

- Melon pulp;

- 1 eggs white;

- Sour cream.

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A black dots on a nose and to combat them


In this paper, we consider this unpleasant and quite ofttimes a problem, as a emergence of black dots. The black dots on a nose are essentially an accumulation of fat and dirt in the pores of the skin, so okislivayuschiesya by oxygen. Typically, this question affects teenagers. But it also happens that her skin and those of older, normally those suffering from black spots on the facial skin are enlarged pores, which greatly contributes to a formation of such an unpleasant cosmetic question.

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Masks Natural honey Face care - recipes


Natural honey - is one of the most delicious bee products known to man since ancient minutes. It is widely used in preparation, medicine and cosmetics. A lot of cosmetic companies are making a separate line of cosmetics for skin and body, because it may cure any cosmetic ailments. A product includes the B vitamins, vitamin A, C, PP, H, E and K, and minerals, however rightly how fructose, sucrose, proteins, organic acids.

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