Young skin


Above we keep listed the chief disadvantages of this type of facial skin, but do not forget about the potential pros! Any facial skin facial skin very right kept person of a skin, to be more precise, the skin will be longer than others to store the required it elasticity. With this skin for a longer time will be free of skin wrinkles, this is to any degree holders should rejoice this face type.

Oily facial skin is more than other types of facials and masks skin needs thorough cleansing, used for treatment of skin masks should be constricting and cleansing nature and, accordingly, comprise of a necessary components.

Unluckily, most of a women were of the view that combination face does not require moisture, but this is extremely misleading. Certainly, young facial skin does not demand so much moisture as very dry and combination face should also have their normal nourishing and moisturizing her skin veschestv.tipy

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However to remove darkness circles under skin eyes at home


Darkness circles under a skin eyes are the most common cosmetic flaw. Many of a skin under the eyes is highly thin and delicate, so through her translucent blood vessels. However, this may be not at all in a features of, and in chronic diseases of a heart, kidney, or endocrine system. In this case, no should to postpone his visit to a medic, because there are only a medical man can help you.

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Covers of mandarin for normal skin


Cover for rule face types.

Strawberry curd cover. A any ripe pear mix with 1 tablespoon curds and 1 teaspoon of olive butter (may be boiled in a steam bath and otstoennogo sunflower butter). Apply mask on for 15-20 min.

Strawberry starch mask. By 1 tablespoon grated apple, add to 1/2 egg yolks, a little ^ mealy or starch, all stir until smooth. Use cover on for 20 min, rinse with warm, so cold-blooded aqua.

The mask of strawberry. Mashed boiled egg mix with 1 tsp.

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Covers of currants for dry face


- Natural honey;

- Sour serum.

Face mask of currant used for Fifteen minutes then removed wet swab. Later a facial skin mask of currant fluid is used.

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Masks of kapuski for female facial skin


Fresh cabbage toning cover. 2 teaspoons yeast assorted with 2 teaspoon of fresh juice or sauerkraut. Before applying the mask to wipe the face 2 minutes the like nectar. Mass of diluted cream until thick and put in hot aqua. At the 1st sign of fermentation stir and throw in 25 drops of camphor butter. A mask is gradually used to a face of the face.

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Covers and compresses


Curd mask. In a a small piece of gauze wrap approximately cheese. Attach a cheesecloth to ages of 10 minutes.

Milk compress. Brew green or black tea. Soak cotton balls in a tea leaves and attach a duo of min to centuries. Repeat 3-4 minutes.


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Masks of currants for young facial skin


- Flour.

Refreshing mask with red currants. Handful of red currant berries crush, squeeze the juice and mix it with a spoon of I potato or corn floury. Instead of juice can be mix with floury 1 soup spoon pulp red currant berries. The resulting slurry was put on face for 20 minutes.

Rule skin

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