Dining skin


What is hidden under the term "power" of the skin? Goodness question! It turns out that most frequently is not what is at the present time a consumer. You never tried to feed the dead? No? And rightly so - an empty exercise. So why, causing a cosmetic production for nourishing your facial skin, you are waiting for a miracle?

That is the purpose of cosmetics. However it was, as it is and must be!

A field of activity of cosmetics - the horny layer of dead cells of the epidermis with an average thickness of some 0.03 mm. A as-called "food" - it's just a deposition and accumulation in a stratum corneum of industrial chemicals produced cosmetic products, from which ultimately do more harm than good.

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Young facial skin and its treatment


Everyone knows that the most-any skin prone to acne and inflammation, and therefore want particular maintenance and treatment. Because of the big level of education of sebum on a face appear inflammation, mingling with the dust clogged pores, which leads to problems of skin.

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Pea masks for all facial skin types


Whitening Mask pea. 2 spoon green peas assorted with 2 tbsp. Of whey. Knead to obtain a homogeneous weight, use on face. Of the 20-25 min, rinse with cold-blooded h2o.

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Covers of beans

Also very healthy is bean cover that nourishes the face with all a indispensable trace elements and other beneficial substances. This formula may be applied at any time of year.

Ripe avocado Cover

So properly however peas, much helpful for a person to be an ripe avocado, this veg contains a lot of protein so often need our skin, however apply this mask will be extremely useful.

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Masks from orange for dry skin


Orange cover. 1 spoon of oat floury, wheat flour or almond bran mixed with a extract of one orange. Porridge put on the skin, covering it with gauze. Later 15-20 minutes, remove a mask, ablution a skin with cool aqua.

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Covers of cranberry for a facial skin


Cranberry cover. 2 teaspoons chicken egg yolk mixed with 1 tsp. Of cranberry juice and 1-2 teaspoonful of sour serum. Apply for 15-20 min on clean facial skin. Of the removing the cover is recommended to make a compress of green tea. In a 7 days you can do 2-3 masks.

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How to remove colored circles under the skin eyes at home


Great to meet a man whose shining skin eyes. However, all in his your properly. Extremely variant experience creates man with under-eye colored circles lay. He looks extremely tired and painful, and even older. And if you do not come across how you and it you keep colored circles under the skin eyes. What to do? So to remove darkness circles under your eyes?

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Skin masks cabbage


Skin covers, I would like to tell opoleznyh affinity of fresh cabbage.

Masks are extremely efficacious in the presence of dark spots, pimples and blackheads.

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