Covers of currants for young face


- Mealy.

Refreshing mask with red currants. Handful of red currant fruits crush, squeeze the juice and mix up it with a spoon of I potato or corn flour. Instead of nectar may be mix with floury 1 tablespoon pulp red currant fruits. A resulting slurry was put on facial skin for 20 minutes.

Normal facial skin

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Masks melon


Needless to say, not alone delicious melon fruit, but also a healthy ingredient for cosmetics. We strongly recommend the apply of a melon as a mask for a facial skin, how only it can meet a most serious trace elements that nourish the face. A capacity of the cover melon: rejuvenating, refreshing, cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing.

Covers from Viburnum

Kalina - beneficial berry, which is used both in fresh food and in traditional medicine. Beautiful is no exception, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a recipes face mask of viburnum, which are suitable for oily skin. Kalina has cleansing affinity that help cleanse young face and remove excess fat. With regular use of cranberry formula, you will see effect in just a some applications.

Covers of cranberry

An article approximately a health affinity of cranberry and useful recipes covers.

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Covers bow


Versatile tool that is suitable for all face types. This vegetable has come from ancient Egypt and established himself not only however a healthy diet food, but also however an antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic product. A list of effective affinity could be continued, but a main advantages of masks from a bow is that they are cheap and easy to do, It is possible to always do a fresh mask. We recommend a apply of this product in cosmetology, but with extreme caution, follow safety precautions. Especially for a skin eyes and irritated skin.

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Covers of fresh apples for every skin


Apple cover. Red apple peel, grate, squeeze out the breeding juice. Good juice soaked gauze, linen cloth or cotton wool coat put on skin for 15-20 min. Dry skin pre-greased with fat serum. Following removing a mask to wipe face 1st wet and then very dry with a cotton swab.

Big apple and natural milk mask. One juicy, ripe red apple grate.

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Covers of raspberries


Despite the fact that pear pronounced seasonal raspberries, he also enjoys great popularity in cosmetics as may be indicative of more than 20 various recipes to make a mask of cherry for variant facial skin types. If you enjoy access to a "deposits" strawberry suggest sure to read this article.

Masks of pears

Pear - a fine helper in cosmetology. With proper treatment can qualitatively whiten the skin and give it elasticity, tone. We get prepared a short article with recipes of pears, which will help you find the application of this fine strawberries.

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Refreshing strawberry cover.


A thin layer of cotton or some layers of gauze impregnated with strawberry fresh juice, gently squeeze and put on polish skin for 15-20 minutes. Following removing the cover rinse face with cool water and butter cream. Dry and rule skin earlier applying the mask is recommended to grease greasy serum.

Recipes masks on a topic:

Covers of lemon

In this article you will find a description of valuable affinity of grapefruit and lemon extract, and what action has the properties to the face and neck. Lemon is a universal property and can be applied to many types of skin: young, very dry, aging, normal. There are also recipes for all facial skin types.

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