Collecting ingredients for cosmetics


Drying is finished, if the leaves and flowers are easily ground into powder, stems and roots are broken, but not to bend, but a fresh fruit does not stick together. Well dried raw substances should not lose its organic color. Store raw substances in paper bags, bags, boxes, cartons, lined inside with paper, in a polish, very dry, cool place with goodness ventilation. Plants containing essential oils must be stored in glass jars with a glass stopper or metal cans with tight-fitting lid. Fragrant plants underexpose separately odorless. The desiccated berries are very hygroscopic, they are best placed na storage in dry places in the draft, in paper bags (200-300 When packing materials in bags, cans or other containers inside put labels indicating the name of the plant and a time of collection.

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Face masks with aromatic oils


We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a formula to create a mask of aroma oils. These odorants enjoy come from ancient Egypt, Greece, and won the hearts of women and beauticians now. All this thanks to the unusual beneficial properties of oils that can easily select and apply at home.

Masks of glycerol

Normally glycerin used in the treatment of dry skin. This article describes the production of a cover with glycerin. This is a more useful substance which, if used properly can help improve a skin and give it a tone of white. Applying regularly this formula you can guarantee a healthy facial skin.

Covers of aloe

Very many species of aloe growing in our big world.

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Masks celery for dry skin


Covers recipes in this section:

Melon mask

Needless to say, not only delicious melon fresh fruit, but also a useful ingredient for cosmetics. We strongly recommend the use of a melon how a cover for a skin, so only it can meet the most great trace elements that nourish a facial skin. The capacity of the mask melon: rejuvenating, refreshing, cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing.

Masks with Viburnum

Kalina - useful berry, which is used both in food and in traditional medicine. Nice is no exception, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a recipes skin cover of viburnum, which are suitable for young facial skin. Kalina has cleansing properties that help cleanse young skin and remove excess fat. With regular use of cranberry recipe, you will see effect in just a any applications.

Masks of cranberry

An article about the size of the heartiness properties of cranberry and good recipes masks.

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Masks of potatoes for dry face


Recipe number 1

This facial skin cover of potatoes is much easy to make, but at a same time has a positive effect on the facial skin of any type. You will need a small potato, which want be rubbed on a fine terke. Mozhno simply cut into thin slices and apply on skin. The resulting facial skin cover potatoes used to a facial skin for 15-20 min, later that time, remove a face cover of a potatoes with a cotton swab and bath with soft water. After facials potato necessarily apply nourishing serum.

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Masks from orange for dry skin


Orange cover. 1 spoon of oat flour, buckwheat flour or almond bran assorted with a juice of one orange. Gruel put on a face, covering it with gauze. Of the 15-20 min, remove the mask, sluice the facial skin with cool water.

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Covers of watermelon for normalnyo facial skin


Cover of watermelon. In mashed egg yolk add 1 tsp. Of the extract of watermelon, the vegetable oil, and (finish) cream. For density can add barley floury or mashed bread. Impose a mask on facial skin for 15-20 minutes, so rinse with a weak green tea. In the week you can do 2-3 masks.

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Folk Remedies


Excellent help ice cubes. It is possible to not just freeze a water and extracts of birch leaves, marigold, sage.

Packs of tea. Process time 10 minutes. Cotton swabs hold a duo of min, so substitute them with new ones.

Jacket potatoes. Boil. Wait until slightly cooled.

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