Rules applying masks


There are approximately chief rules which need adhere to in order to get the most beneficial capacity on a course of treatment facials covers prepared at home. We suggest you familiarize yourself with simple pravilasi under which you speedily achieve the long-awaited effect. When applying facial skin covers want be guided by some basic rules.

1. Close the hair with a scarf to avoid being wet or dirty.

2. Earlier applying the cover, facials and masks skin and neck need be nicely cleaned of dust, dirt and accumulated on a surface discharge and scales with cleansing cream or natural milk dressing. A mask is more active if a pores of the facial skin previously cleaned with a steam bath or compress.

3. How a rule, dry and rule facial skin mask superimposed on a skin and neck, of the light greased serum. Prettily women with any facial skin before applying the cover to cleansed face lotion. Older women should clean out a skin with veg or melon extract diluted with heartwarming milk, hot infusion of herbs.

4. If a mask is the 1st time, you need first apply to the facial skin in a small volume and see if there is intolerance reactions so rash, redness or itching.

5. Apply the mask and shoot in the direction of skin lines.

6. Face around a skin eyes, lips and thyroid gland in a neck must remain open - a cover applied to these places is contraindicated.

7. When excessive growth of coarse thin hair on a face and expansion of blood vessels of the facial skin masking contraindicated.

2. The skin eyes are put cotton balls soaked in the infusion of chamomile tea or placement temperature. The facial skin around a eyes smeared with serum. Covers want not be applied near the eyes.

9. Creamy and thick wooden masks are used with a spatula or the fingers, gelatinous cover - a brushing and fluid - overlay-soaked gauze or cotton (may be one cutoff or one reasonable piece at skin shape with holes for eyes, nose and mouth).

10. After applying a mask should go, good lifting legs, and relax, and It is possible to lie down for a bit and in a bath (thanks to a pair of cover will work intensively on a face). The mask is not cracked and operated optimally, muscles of the face want be inactive at this time and stay relaxed.

Talk with masking must not be.

11. Do not leave the mask on a skin and neck longer than stated in the formula.

12. Best capacity is given covers imposed bedtime. To sleep with a cover on his facial skin can not. Skin will have with more harm than good. Therefore, in every formula specifies the time permitted for this process, and it is not required to renew it. If a cover is imposed carefully and according to the rules, its effect will finish for 2-3 days.

13. The cover is removed with a skin and neck skin with a cotton swab soaked in properly boiled aqua at rooms temperature. In this case, a skin in any case not rub and stretch, and even so, when the remnants of a thick cover is removed with a pores easily. In that case, you should wait until a mask is not softened by a action of aqua at placement temperature. After removing a cover, face a must rinse with cold water. Butter is not indispensable to bath off a cover, the excess is removed, soaked cloth. Dries a mask is removed with a dry cotton swab.

14. Following removing the mask should be applied to the skin fluid, depending on the type of a face and neck.

15. To obtain helf effect mask must be used regularly - at least once a 7 days (normally 2 minutes a week), a course includes 10-15-20 procedures.

16. Fruits or fresh vegetables used in covers, must be clean, that is free from chemicals.

17. Later the cover is recommended to rest for an hour.

If a recipe does not specify how long it should finish for a process, then it depends on a sensitivity of a facial skin.

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