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Every woman knows the invigorating drink - coffee. Lots of people start your satisfying with a coffee and just do not think of other options. But it turns out coffee has lots of other no less remarkable properties, with an invigorating capacity. Most importantly - this property coffee break down fat. That's why coffee is very often added to different cosmetics to combat cellulite. This may be lotions, various wraps and scrubs.

Of course, the cosmetic industry uses coffee in a process of production of its products. Variety of face attention items in a structure get coffee. But there is nothing correct than what you can make with a hand. With handmade tool is recent, it will contain a minimum of components. For your skin you can select the best. In this article we will discuss a different options for production and treatment of a scrub of coffee at home.

Scrub of coffee for the aging body. Take 100 ml shower gel and throw in a ground coffee in the amount of 1 spoon. You can not just pick up the gel and fluid-gel. Mash the coffee beans to be small states because coarser mash with a spoon may adversely affect a integrity of the facial skin. You can use ready-ground coffee, or use an average coffee grinder. This scrub is recommended to apply 2 or three times a 7 days. After a some treatments your face will become soft and velvety. Most beneficial to carry out such procedures in a morning. A aroma of freshly ground coffee will give you a charge of vivacity and freshness all day long. Of course, in the manufacture of such a scrub, it is recommended to apply a neutral shower gel, odorless or with scents of vanilla, citrus and cinnamon. Other odors in combination with coffee, was not particularly successful scheme. And perhaps give out foul smell. This comes from a fact that a coffee was too strong smell. Before applying a scrub on the body, it wants to be shaken. Since coffee particles possess a certain weight and accumulate at the bottom by gravity. And however you will be able to distribute them throughout the fluid. Applying scrub regularly in combination with exercise, food, gymnastic exercises, you will soon notice that cellulite passed back out.

For all face types scrub recommend using this composition. Put a thick cup of coffee. In equal parts combine with dumplings. It is desirable that dumplings was greasy. This mass is directly used to the face and spend a some massotherapy. A couple of min would be sufficient. Leave the paste on a skin for some ten min, then washing off with lukewarm h2o. After the process, the skin can be moistened normal fluid.

Very dry Face fits a following formula. Coffee grounds assorted with a pinch of sol, a pinch of cinnamon, 1 spoon of oil and a teaspoon of saccharose. This gravity of lightness circular movements applied to a skin of the face. Of the 10 min, rinse with water. This allows you to remove a excess scrub exfoliation on the facial skin without damaging the facial skin itself. Later flushing, skin moisturizer.

Any recommend some recipe. Coffee grounds left in the cup and combine with a soup spoon of milk yoghurt. This weight is used to the facial skin and massage a few minutes. So immediately ablution off with cool water. If you use yoghurt instead of double fluid, scrub suitable for dry face. It is possible to pick up still and sour cream.

Ordinary skin can blend a tablespoon of ground coffee and a spoonful of sour cream and add to the olive oil in a tablespoon. This mass is left on the skin for 10 minutes. Sluice off with heartwarming water. It need be remembered that the mixing has a coloring properties and a skin may get slightly darker. Holders of young coffee grounds assorted with yogurt, whey or milk yoghurt. After 10 min, a mass may be washed off.

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