Plants in cosmetics - infusions


Chopped raw material is good to weigh the pharmacy scales. At home, It is possible to stop subsidizing or tsp..

One soup spoon is an average of 3 g of very dry powdered leaves, flowers or herbs, bark, roots and roots - size 7 g of seeds, buds of apples - some '12

To obtain the present plant substance placed in an enamel, porcelain or glass bowl, pour stewing aqua at placement temperature (around 20 * C), tight-fitting lid and heat in a boiling water bath. You can not cook raw substances on the open fire. Undesirable also fill it with hot h2o, however this is a rapid coagulation of proteins in plant cells, preventing the transfer of active substances in the solution, a concentration of which in this case will be lower. Gradually heating is important. Given the raw material absorption and evaporation of h2o to hire 15-20% more than indicated in the formula.

All h2o extraction are the most common cosmetic bod, but certainly not the only one. Frequently used however the solvent alcohol or vodka. In a pharmacy industry for production alcoholic extracts (tinctures) used alcohol of varying strength (40, 70, 90%). At home, for these purposes frequently apply vodka. She poured a chopped plant material in a sealed container at rooms temperature insisted, shaking occasionally, for a week. Then closely poured a hood, a rest is drained and added to the merged exhaust. Pressed raw materials can be washed in addition a little capacity of vodka, squeeze again and connect with previous batches. Preparation hoods complete filtration through cheesecloth, folded in 2 layers, or done filter paper.

Occasionally awkward to use for external apply fluid forms: water, alcohol or butter. There is the require to prepare thicker forms having mazeobraznye consistency. For this assorted liquid extraction with fat, fat-same substances or creams prepared in certain proportions.

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